About Us

Some Background Information:

The Interagency Resource for Achieving Cooperation (IRAC) was formed in 1992 to help resolve regulatory issues between and amongst regulatory agencies by developing consensus for resolving their specific regulatory concerns. Today, IRAC continues to provide a structure for regulators from numerous agencies to share their diverse perspectives as they work together resolving regulatory conflicts, gaps or overlaps. Through IRAC Workgroups our members have successfully introduced new legislation and have brought changes to local, state and national regulations and codes.

Our Purpose:

To provide a process and the tools for government agencies to develop, modify or clarify regulations protecting human health and the environment in the King County region.

Our Goals:

To facilitate opportunities for regulators to network with other regulators. To enable governmental agencies to speak with one voice while providing clear environmental and regulatory direction which best meets the needs of the region.

IRAC's Advisory Committee is currently made up of representatives from the following agencies: